October 30, 2014

A PiNk Afternoon Tea

I did it... I finally did it! I booked myself a table for a "PiNk Afternoon Tea" at the Peninsula Hotel of Paris. Yes, the one that is all lit up in PiNk at night during the month of October to show its support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I have been listening to them demolish the old structure, putting up with the noise and watching them build the new venue, while cleaning all the dust of my windows for the past three years and today the time has come when I decided to walk across the road to indulge in PiNk teatime at the "Peninsula En Rose".

I had waited for a special occasion since I had missed the grand opening on August 1st. Who plans a grand inauguration in August when nobody's in town apart from tourists, I wonder? I guess that was a bit of bad planning on their behalf... or maybe it was done on purpose... I'll never know.

The special occasion came today in the form a dear friend who visited from Sweden. A girly gossip on an unusually warm sunny October day - it was 20°C - which allowed us to enjoy the terrasse decorated with pink flowers.

Need I say that we were so focused on each others news, we got half way though the exquisitely presented tea treats before we even acknowledged them. I think it was the pink icing-coated madeleine with the pink raspberry filing that made us umm and ahhh.

The tea was good when it finally arrived after 20 minutes, and the waiter even proposed to "rechauffer" since we had to wait 40 minutes for the tea sandwiches and petit four to appear. However, the slow but extremely kind service was not to deter us from catching up with each others lives. I cannot think of a better time for the service to be embarrasingly slow than when you want to spend time with a friend you have not seen in a long time.

I am looking forward to next October already...

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