October 25, 2014

Milano catapulted into the 21st century

When we moved to Milano in 2000, the capital of fashion turned out to be much more provincial than I expected. Don't get me wrong, I love Italians, I married one but the city just did not quite qualify as International city in my eyes. As a teenager, I used to own a t-shirts stating: I love Fashion: Paris - London - Milan but of the three the latter definitely did not live up to the other two in terms of Multicultural melting pot!

Admittedly the Italians had, have and always will have a head-start in fashion compared with the rest of the globe but as for metropolitan lifestyle Milano was still in the baby stage. There was no Armani Café or Nobu. The Ristoranti Bulgari and Dolce&Gabbana Gold were not invented yet and I struggled to find a sushi place. The Department store Rinascente was a scarce collection of products nobody needed and Coin was about to revamp its image. Peck was THE gourmet reference at the time but didn't look anything like it does today.

This has all changed. After many years I returned to Milan last weekend and I am flabbergasted at the changes and progress the city is making. The city is gearing up to host the Universal Expo in 2015 and guess what the theme will be? Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life! Visitors will experience a unique journey that looks at the complex theme of nutrition. They will have the possibility to take a trip around the world, sampling the food and traditions of people from all over the globe.

Well, I have booked my tickets online already. When will you?

Milano of the 21 century

Piazza Gae Aulenti

Unicredit Tower

10 Corso Como - the dome of Fashion - is still going strong

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