October 26, 2014

A little piece of paradise

One of my favourite places in the world is the Lido of Lugano. It is like a blast from the past. I am catapulted back to my childhood in Zürich walking through the entrance of the Badi (bathhouse) only it is now 2014 and we are in the Ticino. Lugano is a very chilled city, and the Lido of Lugano just epitomises this.

It's little piece of paradise. In the autumn when the weather changes and the beach closes down, the doors are opened for Sundays brunches. The tempting buffet, the friendly service, the cosy pavilion and the mystic view onto the Lake Ceresio are a real treat. The experience is amazing when it is an overcast day and on sunny days the brunch at the Lido is simply unbeatable. It is an absolute must to keep your spirits up during the winter months.

From Lasagne to Luganighetta and from Scampi to Salmon. A cheese platter that makes your palate water not to mention the different types of mousse and cakes!

Surrounded by palm trees, a sandy beach and the lake melting into hills of Ticino on the horizon, your senses and you taste buds are spoilt to the max.

It is the marvel I miss most on a chilly grey Parisian Sunday morning.

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