May 27, 2015

Who said Paris was grey? Me?

On days like today, it is pleasure to go out for a run. Every sunny day in Paris is a treat and should be appreciated as such... Parisian will know what I'm talking about!

Therefore I hitched a ride from Italian Super-Mom for the second time in a week to start my morning run in the Bois de Boulogne. I couldn't help myself I ran around the lake twice... in all honesty, I did think of all the Dulce de leche macaroons I had devoured at the Roland Garros party the night before... I know, it's a tough life.

Come run with me....

Spectacular morning atmosphere 

Reflections in the lake and in my mind 

No time for a break

Run girl run!

A new discovery: a little waterfall

It's me and nature calling

Where are my friends the "pompiers"?
They usually hang out round about here!

Mmmhhh, so delicious I had to take a picture!

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