May 23, 2015

A funky fashion icon

With Les Flaneuses back in town, I needed to come up with a plan. My absolute favourite exhibition ground is Le Grand Palais and sure enough I was not disappointed when looking up their programme.

Who doesn't remember Madonna's bustier from 1990? Yes, that would be 25 years ago but it stuck in our minds. Did you know this iconic cone brassiere, worn during her Blond Ambition tour, sold for $52,000 at the Christie's Pop Culture auction in 2012?

As it happens, the first major exhibition devoted to the celebrated French couturier Jean Paul Gaultier was in town. We were to explore his avant-garde fashion creations and cutting-edge designs, that has shaped the look of fashion over the last 40 years.

The theatrically-staged exhibition brought together more than 165 cutting-edge couture and ready-to-wear garments including iconic costumes for film and performance from the early 1970s to the present day.

We went from one room to the next umm-ing and ahh-ing AND giggling at the exotic and frivolous creations. The multimedia touch of the exhibition had us in awe. Were the mannequins models actually staring at us or were the animated faces just eerily realistic?

The avant-garde Montreal theatre company UBU
directed by Denis Marleau and Stéphanie Jasmin
used innovative technology to animate the mannequins.

Recognise the lady?

From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

For the "À fleur de peau", "Metropolis" and "Urban Jungle" sections, French artists Lucie & Simon created a video installation especially for the Paris exhibition.

For the first time in an exhibition,
Odile Gilbert (Atelier 68) designed hairstyles for each mannequin

The Punk Cancan gallery features the voice of actor Catherine Deneuve.

A mechanical catwalk à la Parisienne

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