September 13, 2015

Today was not my day...

When I arrived to Paris in 2011, I was determined to start my expatriation with a bang. I therefore had signed up months ahead to participate in Europe's largest women's race called La Parisienne.

It sounds scarier than it is. I had images of fierce-looking Parisian women running dressed in black. It turned out to be great fun. Many participants dressed up, some coloured their hair others wore pink wigs and everybody was wearing a smile. We were out to have a good time, despite the hour long wait to actually reach the starting blocks.

Once we were off on our 6,7 km race we were accompanied along the route by a string of music bands from classical orchestras to Brazilian Samba troops. The Scottish bagpipers were a big surprise at km 5!

Since then I have kicked off every new school year with running La Parisienne mid-September UNTIL today.

So, partying till two o'clock the night before at Castel's did not help but that was not to stop me. I have ran through fog, rain and snow, however, this morning I just could not find the energy to fight the elements (it WAS raining after all) and after having set the alarm clock at 8am, peaking out the window, I decided a warm, cosy bed would be the preferred option.

I was on the Pont d'Alma in spirit but just couldn't face standing below the Eiffel Tower for two hours along with 39'999 other runners in the pouring rain waiting to start for what would be a little over half an hour of running.

I have nothing to prove and I'll be back next year. Promise I will go to bed early the night before...

Change of heart, I'm staying in!

Blue skies and sunshine when I went to pick up my starter kit on Friday afternoon

Sunday morning this path will be full of chattering, smiling women running for a cause

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