September 4, 2015

C'est la rentrée

We have arrived back in Paris and the landing has been hard. Two months in Spain has softened our hearts and souls.

I hardly got across the border and a French van driver was honking and blinking at me to get out of his way on the highway. Man, move over to the left and overtake me ... I AM going at top speed limit in the middle lane, after all!

We arrive in Paris and the fruit vendor sneers at me for pulling out my credit card rather than paying cash because now he needs to activate the card machine.

We get up early the first day of school to arrive well before the bell rings so Expat daughter can greet all her friends and the metro stops in its tracks due to a bomb scare further down the line.

There is constant traffic noise and the trees are already changing into their fall colours. The thermometer marked 10ºC yesterday morning!

BUT... I am in Paris, as some of my friends have already reminded me.

On the other hand, I wouldn't fit in, if I didn't start complaining immediately upon my return?!?

Ah, Paris c'est toujours Paris. Welcome back!

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