September 30, 2015

The ultimate Flaneuses exhibition

Creative, bouncy, frivolous and and intriguing would be the way to describe Hermes' exhibition "Dans l'oeil du Flaneur". The Flaneur being a distinct Parisian figure, I wonder how the company will export it to the next 10 cities abroad where the roadshow is heading?

Anyways, the upbeat, distinctively French tunes accompanied me on my trip through a gorgeous looking white Art Deco cupboard door and into Hermes' Wonderland of refined luxury.

The exhibit was a parcours of various themes from walking sticks (essential for a Flaneur) to tableware, Equestrian equipment and of course handbags. All these items were neatly knitted into a discovery path below a dimly illuminated tent which had been set up along the Seine for the occasion.

There was no distinct message rather just an invitation to stroll through the imaginary world of Hermes' creativity and enjoy some true "flaneusing".

Today, I truly wished my Flaneuses girlfriends could have joined me. I came across objects that would have caught their attention and I could here their voices in my head knowing what their comment would have been.

This was our exhibition, girls! Make sure you don't miss it when it comes to a city near you...

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