October 4, 2015

Une belle journée avec mon amie

Once in a while a real close friend will "pop by" and you trick yourself into thinking it will be just like before. Her company feels comfortable and familiar. You catch up with each other's lives that keep flowing their run just in different places of the globe. You exchange ideas and share your secret future projects and just when you feel you've found your groove again, you are waving good-bye, once more!

It is great to call this city my home and, Paris being Paris, friends will always come back to visit. The excitement that preceeds these visits is palpable on both sides, the moments spent together appear to be stolen because you are conscious time will evaporate in an instant. Before you know it, your heart is giving in to your mind - once again - so as not to become over-emotional. Over the past four years, we have had several farewells but it stings every single time.

My only feat this time, is that I did manage to keep the tears from flowing...

Paris' latest cultural addition: Louis Vuitton Foundation

The weather was perfect for our tour

A look along the building's foundation

A peek down the hull of the monument

An interesting approach to art...

... accumulating materials containing musical notations...

... who knew the British pound and the Swiss franc had music notes in common???

Au revoir mon amie, à la prochaine!

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