October 21, 2015

You know you're living in Paris when...

Once in a while I find myself double taking and thinking: only a Parisian does this. Here are some situations that have struck me and I just know I am living in Paris when:

- I jump into the metro and the street musician is playing "La vie en Rose" with his  hand harmonica
- I jog through the streets early in the morning and the beggars are standing in front of their wheelchairs
- I have become an expert at avoiding dog poop along the pavement
- I am walking behind pedestrians and they don't walk straight so I need to zig-zag around them
- the pedestrians behind me cut right in front of me
- I get very blasé about spotting wedding brides because I've seen SOOO many take their pictures under the Eiffel Tower
- people go on strike Friday afternoons and my only reaction is : "Not again!!!"
- I recognize my neighbors' WiFi connection but not the person itself
- I automatically hug my handbag tighter when someone walks up to me asking for directions

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