October 7, 2015

Sur les toits de Paris

Every once in while I take myself off to a Parisian monument....just because.

If you don't watch yourself, you can become very lazy and blasé about all the lovely buildings that make up this city. Having said that, I just can't ever get enough of the Eiffel Tower. Around my neighbourhood, I know most of the spectacular angles from where the "Grande Dame" can be spotted and even after four years I still turn to catch a peek of her, every single time.

Today I need some air and was hoping to get a nice blue sky as a backdrop for my photos. So the blue sky did not materialise but the view was still spectacular...

Climbing up the 284 stairs inside the Arc de Triopmhe

There's my "Grande Dame de Fer"

Sacré Coeur trying to catch a ray of sun

A majestic looking Champs Elysées

with a chaotic Place de l'Etoile

Rickshaws waiting for customers

... just can't get enough...

A well-trodden avenue leading towards Trocadero

La Defense, Paris' business district

"Sur les toits de Paris"

The Louis Vuitton Foundation from afar 

A distinctively French brand

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