October 23, 2015

On our way

We are off... I m taking my boy to where he was born 16 years ago to celebrate his birthday.

There are so many memories flowing back I don't know where to start.

In 1998 only three days after we tied the knot my hubby whizzed me off on our first expatriation together, my dream port of Buenos Aires.

Argentina was still flourishing in those days and I like to refer to our time in this lovely part of the world as our two year honeymoon.

Our son was born there and many emotions are tied to this place. So many of them are flooding back now as I sit in the departure lounge telling my son the stories about his time in Argentina which he was too young to remember.

I do not quite know what to expect since the economic situation has changed considerably since we left but one thing I am sure of; the Argentineans will have remained the same. Welcoming, friendly, chatty and above all curious. Curious about your story, curious about your heritage, curious about what the world thinks of Argentina.

Expat boy is keeping his emotions to himself for the time being but I am waiting for the moment we arrive and am wondering when it will hit him because it will hit him. 

He is after all a Porteno at heart...

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