October 6, 2015

Not quite ready for black yet...

Most Parisians would agree that September has been an exceptional month full of sunshine this year. Returning to the city on September 1st it felt a bit chilly and the official dress code was immediately back to black.

The predominant colour is still black but thanks to the good weather Parisians' hearts have warmed to the sun and many blotches of colour are to be spotted around town. Skirts and high heels are in for the ladies. Funky coloured socks for the gentlemen. We are all still clinging on to that ray of fading summer in the knowledge that soon the autumn rain and cold winter will hit us again with a vengeance. By Christmas we'll be longing for longer and brighter days.

In the meantime, I have been busy walking around town taking pictures because you learn not to waste a single beautiful day when living in Paris. You never know what tomorrow will look like.

I don't like taking pictures of people without asking their permission, therefore I am posting photos of the lovely Indian summer and will just let you imagine the rest.

Pont Alexandre III in front of the Grand Palais

Backside of the Musée d'Orsay

Prime view onto the Eiffel Tower 

The odd one out

 Musée National de la Marine

Tuilerie Gardens

An exotic touch in the Square George Cain

Jogging around the Bois de Boulogne

On my way to an exhibition and decided to walk rather than take the metro.... it was worth it!

No time for a break

 Qu'est-ce quelle est belle la France!

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