December 17, 2015

24 hours in Zürich

Nothing beats going home for Christmas. Having been given the opportunity to spend 24 hours in my home town of Zürich I grabbed the occasion to walk down memory lane, admire the Christmas decorations and catch up with a few "old" friends. As the saying goes: "It takes a long time to grow an old friend."

The true macaron: Luxemburgerli

Oh dear. Not sure I like this budding fashion?!?

Now THIS reminds me of my childhood.

Every day at 4 pm Kurz Watches and Jewellery shop rings out a Carillon of traditional Swiss music, as hand-carved figures dance, wave and ring cow bells. The figures, sporting costumes from different regions in Switzerland, were made by a ​​wood carver from Brienz, Switzerland. At this time of year, the songs are themed for Christmas. 

Gotta love the Globus department store. They always come up with wacky ideas. This year it's Gina Lollobrigida Christmas tree decorations.

A touch of Paris?

Can't resist a glass of mulled wine

Jemoli, another Zurich institution

A great Christmas gift for homesick Swiss: Caran d'Ache

A look down Bahnhofstrasse at dusk

A glimpse up the Rennweg

Can you smell the "haissi Maroni"?

I actually recall indulging in this toy catalogue from 1975 and 
cutting our images to stick on my letter to Father Christmas!

Only the Swiss can create this atmosphere: heimelig!

Turicum by night

Some things never change!

The Café Schober's window display seems like a dream

Zimtstärnli, es wiähnachtelet!

I still use this little old witch on our homemade gingerbread house every year!

Feeling homesick for Zürich

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