December 21, 2015

Lunch at the Marais

Just because everybody goes to l'As du Falafel doesn't mean we need to go! One of the greatest perks of being part of an International community is that you learn about each others cultures and you share parts of it, either through joining in traditions, tasting local food or listening to traditional music.

One of my best food discoveries in Paris has been thanks to an Israeli friend of mine who took me on an Jewish culinary trip to the Marais.

From swampy to swanky, the Marais has a fascinating history. Like an aging pop star, the quartier has remade itself many times, and today retains several identities. It’s the city's epicenter of cool with hip boutiques, designer hotels, and art galleries galore; the hub of Paris's gay community; and, though fading, the nucleus of Jewish life.

Nothing beats Miznon's falafel with Boeuf Bourignon accompanied by a "burnt cauliflower" their speciality. Expat daughter and I were licking our fingers today and missing our friend who has moved back to her homeland in the meantime.

This is for you my friend:

Simple but oh so good!

From boulangerie to boutique

A hidden courtyard

Some very pretty Christmas decorations for a two-star hotel

A Marais classic

Trendy Marais

Vue down rue de Sévigné onto Paroisse Saint-Paul Saint-Louis

Things you can do with a Miniature balcony

Paris est toujours Paris

The art of "floquer"

The art of blackboard drawing!?!

Que c'est beau Paris!

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