January 23, 2016

An evening with Picasso

Pablo Picasso and Le Grand Palais a mix one cannot forgo! Two legends of the past, both icons of their century.

The Grand Palais is the largest existing ironwork and glass structure in the world. It was built for the World’s Fair, held in Paris in 1900, as was the Eiffel Tower. The couture fashion house Chanel hosts many of its fashion shows here, setting up elaborate and expensive surroundings for its models and hosts.

Pablo Picasso needs no introduction, he is simply the most dominant and influential artist of the first half of the twentieth century.

Turns out the Picasso Mania exhibition takes a simultaneously chronological and thematic approach to the critical and artistic highlights of Picasso’s career and the myth that gradually built up around his name.

The great stylistic phases (Cubism, last work), and emblematic works by Pablo Picasso like "Les Demoiselles d’Avignon" and "Guernica" are put alongside contemporary creations, grouped by artist such as Hockney, Johns, Lichtenstein and Kippenberger, or by theme, in a great variety of media and techniques through video, painting, sculpture, graphic arts, film, photography and even installation.

Luckily I had decided on a guided tour to fill in all my artistic and historical gaps and give a framework to this grande exhibition making the visit even more enriching.

A Friday evening to top with some culture sounds terribly Parisian. Practical fact is, it is the only time during the week I can get my husband to accompany me.... and it allows for a very romantic start into the weekend!

Feeling like a princess ascending towards her palace 

Photo collage of Place Fürstenberg in Paris by David Hockney
Photos taken on three different days

Two versions of "Les filles d'Avignon", neither an original Picasso

Integrating African art with 1950 household rubbish to form "traditional" masks

How cool would it be to have this gallery wall in your home?

Andy Warhol's interpretation: I've found my favourite piece! 

Gudmundur Erro's hommage to Guernica entitled "Après Picasso"

A boost of energy and creativity

Who's he?

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