January 16, 2016

The fish is in the plate not in the canal

Well, it looks like I've been around long enough to welcome the Expats who are coming back to town after having left a few years ago. That does make me feel slightly part of the furniture and certainly does not seem to make me any younger.

However, never the one to get depressed about facts you cannot change, I hoped on the bandwagon and trudged my way across town to join some friends for a Fish&Chip lunch to welcome one of the original flaneuses back from a 3 year stint in Istanbul.

After devouring the yummy fried hake accompanied by true thick cut English chips and mushy peas, it was time for a walk to the close-by Canal St.Martin.

The waterway is in the process of being drained for the first time in fourteen years. Workers have begun to remove the waste, which has been building up throughout the years. Currently, all one can see is thick mud, along with rubbish and some rather obscure objects that are awaiting retrieval. City workers were given just three days to net, wash and rehome 4.5 tonnes of fish from the iconic canal. Last time more than 40 tons of rubbish was discovered. Looks like it could turn out to be even more this time. Just take a look:

I recognise a bike

How did that chair get there

Why would you through your suitcase in the river?!?

More emerging bikes and chairs

Shopping trolleys seem to be a popular object to through in the canal

Office chair: had a fight with your boss?

Someone went home with one shoe on and one shoe off!

A lonely chair reflection

Seagulls looking for their shopping???

City workers have their job cut out for them

A change of mind: some fresh fish and real English chips in our plates

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