July 19, 2016

Some like it hot...

Why is it the one time we are not in Paris the city is sizzling with temperatures up to 38°C? Two weeks ago we were all still wearing our winter coats!!!

And while some are complaining... the Parisians are good at that ... others are just jumping into the nearest fountain to cool down. Department stores are in high demand but not due to summer sales but for the instant relief that the air-conditioning provides.

Now would be a good time to catch up with all the movies you have been wanting to see. France's cinemas are freezing in summer and a fool-proof way to escape the sunshine for a while.

When all else fails head for one of the places selling Berthillon ice cream. They're not hard to spot, there's usually a queue out the front. Amorino stores are also pretty good.

As for me, I am happy to sit out the 40°C in Madrid under the scorching sunshine and bright blue sky and work on my suntan... because some like it HOT!

Worth the wait!

Finally... Summer has hit Paris!

The perfect place in the shade to enjoy an ice cream!

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