July 26, 2016

Going behind the scenes...

Another invitation I could not refuse... it was over a month ago but nevertheless a story worth sharing.

Back in 2014, the first editions of "Les Journées Particulières" showcased the amazing diversity of profession and expertise at LVMH companies. The third edition invited visitors for a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most emblematic sites of the finest French craftsmanship.

I was lucky enough to take a peak at Christian Dior's rich heritage normally inaccessible to the public in its haute couture salons on Avenue Montaigne. The LVMH Group was proud to showcase its savoir-faire, reveal its creations and allow its people to share their passion for excellence with a wider audience. 

The event unveiled an impressive wealth of heritage, know-how and perfectionism that is passed on from one generation to the next. Strolling through the salons I enjoyed demonstrations of artisanal skills, stimulated talks as well as interactive itineraries. During the evening I admired expertise and talent that were unmatched and truly unique, craftsmanship delicate and precious, and extreme attention to detail...

... and closing my eyes for a moment I truly felt like Lady Dior!

Catching an Uber feeling like a filmstar

The staircase of the Haute Couture salons

The two ladies have been working for Christian Dior for over 30 years!

Exquisite, delicate and enchanting!

Devilishly glamorous!

Every creation has its mini model...

... exposed on a mini mannequin.

A close-up of the delicate needlework

Mr. Christian Dior' passion and trademark: flowers

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