April 9, 2017

Today's the day, we'll say "I do"

It's a party!!! Not just any party!!!! A wedding party... a Spanish-Mexican fiesta. Our Nutricionista con buena onda of the Sex and the City girls has decided to take the big step. What a superb occasion to get ten of us back together to celebrate in Madrid?

Gathering in the hotel lobby waiting for the ceremony to start, we were all checking if we had our tissues ready and making sure our better halves had all connected so we could pow-wow, for some of us have not seen each other in years.

This is where I discovered that ALL my girlfriends had bought a second pair of shoes along. Seriously?!?

Walking down the aisle that the guests had formed the bride was beautiful, emotional and shaking with nerves reaching a very flushed and emotional Spaniard standing in wait for her. The bilingual ceremony (Spanish/Mexican) was short and sweet culminating with a Frida Khalo poem our friend had dedicated to her love. At this point the Sex and the City girls all started pulling out their handkerchiefs and smiling at each other. We were all so happy for her... simply over the moon to see she had found such happiness and complicity!

We all let the warm spring evening embrace us on the terrasse overlooking the pool while sipping our cocktails. The palm trees added to the exotic, festive feeling. The Spaniards connected with the Mexicans, the Dutch with the Venezuelan, the Italians with the British, the Portuguese with Lebanese and the Cuban with the Swiss.

The food and the music set the ambiance for a perfect Latino evening and of course the Tequilla shots served by the bride and groom helped along a great deal.

We danced, laughed and cheered into the wee hours of the night and I started to understand the need for flat shoes although none of the girls did part with their sexy heels in the end.

The bride was not just radiant and in love but truly beautiful with her white boat neck dress which showed off her lovely long legs and accentuated her slim waist with an intricate red&green flower motive in honour of her Mexican heritage. The 3/4 sleeves allowed for an incredibly elegant touch and the red peep-toe high heels gave her the ultimate suave and sensual style.

She was the queen of the evening and she certainly pulled it off... because she was the most stunning and exquisite lady of them all! Oh, and did I mention... the happiest one as well!

Spring is here, the sky is blue
Birds will sing as if they knew
Today's the day, we'll say "I do"
And we'll never be lonely any more
Because we're going to the chapel
And we're gonna to get married!

When the bride wasn't looking

When your Mexican friend gets married... it's a serious party!

Mexican bonbonniere to thank all the guests!

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