April 14, 2017

What a fridge door can tell you...

Enjoying my breakfast and a quiet moment all to myself this morning my gaze came to rest upon our fridge. Every time I look at the door covered with magnets, I think of the architect who once told me how ugly a fridge looks when it is covered by these whimsical ornaments.

Well, theoretically I would agree with him, HOWEVER, come to think of it, it is difficult to find such a little space throughout a home which will tell you more about a household than a refrigerator door covered in trinkets.

So, let's take a look at mine:

I am clearly a pizza-eating, fondue-loving Chocaholic. The family's Italian and Swiss background cannot be denied. Love plays a major part in our family. It might be cliché but we believe in it!

My penchant for expensive taste is undeniable and although I am very adamant about playing by the rules sometimes you need to step beyond your boundaries and accept a challenge in order to explore and grow which is my concept of fun.

I don't take myself too seriously, a trait I have inherited from my Dad and appreciate a good sense of humour.

A Paris magnet managed to snuck its way onto the fridge in Madrid but purely because I like the colours and felt we needed at least one token of our current residence country. Greece is the frivolous addition... but also because we love to travel there in the summer.

Thanks to Expat Boy the entire family is football savy and Expat Girl is a Mini-Me therefore most of the above would be a fairly accurate description of her as well.

My husband's contribution comes in the form of an Italian car... how else could it be? I will let him be the judge if I can kiss better than I cook...

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