June 2, 2017

Nurturing our Norwegian friendship

When Expat girl found out that her best friend was leaving Paris from one week to the next in 2013 she was heartbroken. I promised her that we would visit her BFF in Norway. Over the past five years we have visited our Viking friends three times since it is my firm conviction that friendships need to be nurtured just like a flower. They cannot bloom without attention, care and love. The girl's mummy had told me at the time "Plants do not grow so easily in Norway but when they have started growing they turn into robust and long-lasting plants!

Well, it has been a spectacular long weekend once again and we have hooked up and caught up with Expat girl's BFF and her family spending two days in Stavanger and another two days in the Fjords under a spectacular blue sky and bright sunshine preciously nurturing our bond.

When a picture says more than 1000 words

Walking into Stavanger...
did you see the size of that Cruise ship?!?

The well-preserved old town called Gamle Stavanger.

Enchanting window niches

The shopping street Øvre Holmegate is known for its colorful houses.

Stavanger was once a tranquil coastal market town and then later an important fishing port. But it was the 1969 discovery of oil offshore that forever changed the now bustling city’s fortunes and landscape making it Norway's Oil City.

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum illuminates the oil industry with submersibles
 a large drill bit and an escape chute.

Wandering outside the city...

... to discover hidden treasures inside the cellars. 

An exhilarating hike up the mountain...

... to enjoy a breathtaking view onto the Fjord.

We have been blessed with an extraordinary warm and sunny days

Midnight and we are still enjoying our night cap under a golden coloured sky

Survival kit for a Norwegian cabin

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