June 21, 2017

Some like it hot!

France has been hit by a heatwave... the first true one since we've moved to Paris. The kind when you get up in the morning and don't need to check the weather to decide what to wear... a summer dress and sandals will do fine! The kind of heatwave that has the sun greeting you every morning when you open the shutters. The kind that makes Parisians actually start wearing colours rather than black. The kind that makes locals talk to each other feeling a sort of complicity in their fight against the sweltering heat.

More than one lady has asked me over the past days where I purchased my pink fan... in Madrid would be my modest answer... but I am sure the street vendors will hook on to that new business opportunity before long.

Today the capital is sizzling reaching a whopping 37°C. It is hotter in Paris than it is in Madrid, Lugano or Napoli. Now that's a first! I am enjoying every minute of it, not often does so much sunshine come our way in this city. Ok, I admit 90 minutes of hot yoga might have been a wee bit exaggerated this morning but I felt like taking on the world after stretching and suffering all in the pursuit of keeping my body in shape!

A pool of course would be a total luxury and I must say I have been tempted to check out the newly renovated Piscine Molitor - supposedly the birthplace of the bikini - but image the queue to get in?!? No, I am not that desperate, instead I have treated myself to some scrumptious ice creams from the best places in town this week and continue to bath in the hot weather feeling thankful for what I call a REAL summer! Happy First Day of Summer!

Even the merchants found their sense of humour

"French pedicured twinkle toes" as a friend so nicely put it


The perfect solution to a heatwave: Happy Hour with friends on a peniche

I don't go anywhere without my pink fan

More Happy Hours on a trendy peniche along the river

Just look at all those tourists melting away in the sun

 Queuing for a highly demanded commodity these days: Italian ice cream!

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