February 4, 2018

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

When the girls get together it is bound to be fun. What better occasion than the opening of Boucheron's exhibit celebrating 160 years of the first high-end jeweller to open a shop on the today infamous Place Vendôme?

Nestled in the courtyard of the Monnaie de Paris - a building which is worth a visit in itself - we were invited to follow the founder's footsteps by experiencing a thematic approach retracing the jeweller's creative process. Since 1858 Boucheron has embodied excellence in jewellery. "The Maison has a bold style, a free spirit and keeps on inventing the classics of tomorrow" is their slogan.

The exhibition began in the opulent Salon Chinois, where M. Boucheron (or his impersonation) welcomed us into his secret cabinet commissioned in the early 20th century and used as a place to discreetly host its top clients. Within its library, animated books revealed more about the company itself, Frederic Boucheron and his iconic creations – including the enduring Question Mark necklace that still features today – as well as the more contemporary Serpent Boheme collection, which has remained a core part of the brand's offering since its introduction in 1968. We found out how a piece of high jewellery is made, from seeking inspiration in the archives to bringing the final enhancing touches to a collection.

While showcasing 250 precious pieces, a purpose-built geodesic dome in glass and steel anchored the experience squarely in the digital here and now, the dedicated Vendôrama app, in fact, was an integral part of the experience.

The visit culminated with a set piece tailor-made for selfie-centric times; a scaled panorama of the Place Vendôme, proving that diamonds are a girl's best friend by immortalising our happy faces with a 360-degree camera coverage and silver confetti. Marilyn Monroe would have loved it!

Let experience begin...

Each visitor received a silver bullet to complete this chef d'oeuvre

Taking Victoria's Secret modelling to a whole different level

Le Salon Chinois de M. Boucheron

Peeking into M. Boucheron's orders from 1887

Finishing la soirée avec une petite coupe entre copines.

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