March 25, 2012

1200km from Paris to Madrid

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”
Lao Tzu

Admittedly I have been off the radar for a while. Springtime in Paris means lots of houseguests and more visitors than we've ever had in any other country. I wonder why? Just kidding!

I have decided to take off and drive half way across Europe to leave my car in a place where I can use it. In Paris I only collect parking tickets and the metro is faster wherever I go anyway, so why bother with a car?

I arrived in Paris on August 31st last year and have since filled my petrol tank once! Get the picture?

So, I undertook the journey to drive the car back to Madrid all by my little self: I danced to Whitney Houston's music, chatted to my best friend on the phone for nearly an hour, did some mental planning, reorganized my blogs in my head, listened to two audiobooks (chickflicks which I will not reveal they are so tacky) and spent a lovely evening all to myself when I decided to do a pit stop in San Sebastian, Spain.

I do love to drive and when your hubby is waiting the other end to spend a romantic weekend with you, the drive seems even sweeter!

So here are a few impressions of my 1200 km voyage.

Leaving the outskirts of Paris

Half-way across France

Opps, what is happening to the weather?

Guess I've crossed the Spanish border?!

La Concha, the beautiful bay of San Sebastian

Transported back in time

A Titanic feeling

Footprints heading towards the sunset

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