March 18, 2012

Il padrino pays us a visit!

"A Godchild is a special gift sent from heaven to love and cherish throughout eternity."

It has been a lovely week. My son's Godfather came to visit us in Paris from far-away Argentina. After twelve long years two football-crazed Argentineans were finally reunited. Little did I know that these two would have so much in common. If you're wondering at this point why I chose an Argentinean Godfather, it is because my boy was born in Buenos Aires and I wanted him to have some connection to Argentina. Thanks to facebook, skype and photo-sharing websites we have stayed in touch over the past decade and now my son chats with his Godfather while they watch a football match together on livestream TV either end of the globe. They can even play soccer on the playstation against each other. The mind boggles!

The past 7 days they have visited the Paris St.Germain football shop, the Nike and the Adidas flagshops, trekked out to vistit the Stade de France, included a day's detour to Euro Disney and of course played football under the Tour Eiffel on the Champs de Mars.

The Godfather brought him a Boca Jr. sweatshirt, cap, towl and the list goes on. Boca Jr. is Diego Maradona's football team from Buenos Aires in case you were wondering. They have bought themselves PSG football t-shirts and had the Argentinean player's name Pastore printed on the back. They enjoyed each other's company with endless discussions about who will win this year's European football championship. The Godfather had to cheer up my boy after Napoli (remember his Dad is Italian) got kicked out of the Champions League by Chelsea last Wednesday and picked up the pieces when an exhausted but extremly happy boy fell asleep in the pizzeria last night after an incredible week with his beloved Padrino.

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