March 18, 2012

A brilliant Swiss Godmother

Now, this past week would not have been so absolutely perfect had my daughter's Godmother not dropped everything at her home (left kids to hubby and the house to itself) and hopped on a train from Zurich to spend some quality time with her Goddaughter.

I admit I have lucked out with the choice of Godparents because over the years they have proven to be a perfect fit to both my children. I chose a Swiss Gotte to keep some ties with Switzerland which turns out my daughter claims to be her home after having lived in Lugano from age 3 to 8.

My daughter was thrilled to have all the attention to herself, to be able to decide the programme and share all the fun with a person that is as active as herself. They took off exploring Paris by bike, spent an afternoon at the Aquapark and an entire day in EuroDisney. They ate sushi together and didn't have enough time to eat moules due to all the activites. They took early morning shots in front of the Eiffel Tower and devoured yummy French pasteries.

Eventhough the Godmother only stayed 4 days, she has managed a feat that nobody ever has accomplished before: to tire my daughter out to the point where she stopped talking. Not even I have managed this since she started talking in perfectly structured phrases age two.

Hurrah and a big THANK YOU to both Godparents for being so present in their Godchildrens' lives!

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