March 28, 2012

A math lesson

I hate, hate, hate maths.

Ever since I graduated from high school I have been free of any obligation to get near algebra, analysis, topology or geometry. And trust me, it has been a long time since my brain had to deal with any of the above. Now I can handle a profit & loss sheet, I can calculate a budget and forecast product supply. I can manage my 8-year old daughter's timetables but when it comes to helping my boy with secondary maths I am up to my neck in trouble.

Tonight he asked me to give him a hint on how to remember the number ∏. Mnemonics was the answer. In about 4 minutes, here's what I came up with to remember the number 3.14159265358979323846:

The poem of the 3 dwarfs:

They lived in a (1) wood

With 4 windows and 1 door

They got up at 5 and worked until 9, but had a 2 hour rest in between

They had breakfast at 6 and dinner at 5, but loved to have tea at 3

At night they counted 58 sheep to get to sleep

They dreamt of 979 sleeping beauties and 323 poisoned apples

They overslept until 8:46

And that’s the story of the 3 dwarfs!

Now, I thought this is pretty darn good and therefore decided to share it with you. I wish math were always this easy. Good night!!!


  1. "La matematica altro non è che il lato esatto del nostro pensiero"

  2. I guess my part of the family might be missing that part! ;)
    Thanks for the input.


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