May 26, 2013

L'air du temps

Last week I signed up for a Bastille tour thinking I would not discover much that I had not seen already. After all it has been nearly two years since we've moved to Paris and the "NEW" factor is starting to wear off. 

Oh, was I wrong. Paris never ceases to surprise me. Today I saw a rainbow arching over the Eiffel Tower, just to mention yet another unexpected image. This city is full of secrets.

So, off I went to discover the Bastille district, once a suburb outside Paris, which was called the Faubourg St Antoine. Today it has become a fascinating mixture of old and new. We listened to the story of the Bastille fortress, long gone, but an important part of the history of the city. 

We heard of the elephant Hugo described in Les Miserables, we strolled along the marina and the Canal St Matin, and admired the modern Opera House which has brought new life to this part of Paris since 1989. I actually remember this building being inaugurated. The Bastille area used to be a popular clubbing place when I was young .... oh so many years ago. "Le Balajo" springs to mind as do certain Caribbean night clubs. 

In only two hours, we uncovered the Port de Plaisance, the street markets, many pretty courtyards, and the raised garden walkway “La Promenade Plantée“.

The choice of a b&w collage is due to the fact that the Paris mood is very gray these days given the insisting cold weather conditions. If you can't fight it, you join in!!! Et voilà!


  1. Wow! Almost 2 years already!! They are very beautiful photos

  2. Thanks. Good luck with your marathon!


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