May 27, 2013

The Party goes on....

She is growing up fast... I know that is what all mothers think but when you start seeing the first independent steps - and I don't mean the physical ones - it hits hard.

For years birthday parties have been our household's forte. We have been through every theme under the sun. From Nemo to Buzz Lightyear. From Disney Princesses to Hannah Montana. From Football to Dolphins. From Pirates to BFF Sleepovers. I dare say, back in Lugano - where the locals had never heard of themed birthday parties - our kids birthday parties were a yearly highlight for all. The adults got served Pimms and Pina Coladas while the kids were trying to keep up with the games I had prepared for them during weeks beforehand. The house got kitted out with party decorations from top to bottom much to my hubby's dismay and the food was presented in colours and forms to match the selected theme.

This month Expat Girl is celebrating her first double-digit birthday and the theme is One Direction! What else? However, this time it is she who is googling new games, putting together playlists, choosing partyware and planning her party. She keeps on apologizing every time she refuses one of my ideas which makes me smile and whince at the same time. Am I so bossy? I keep on answering: "It's your party, you can decide what you want to do."

I am watching her as she is putting it all together making sure none of her friends get left out in the planning. I can't help feeling nostalgic watching my little girl turning into a young independant miss. It fills me with great joy to see how she is carrying on a tradition that I worked so hard to keep up eventhough it was not part of the country I was raised in.

It will be a great party!

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