May 31, 2013

A busy schedule...

This last month heading towards the school year's end feels a bit like December... and I don't mean weatherwise. Although if someone would light the chimney and serve fondue it would not surprise me at this point.

No, I am talking about our agenda. This month we are doing what everyone imagines us doing all year round, we are running from one event to another... and it's fun.

We are hopping between Avenue Montaigne, the Theatre de Champs Elysees, the Grand Palais, the Italian Embassy, the Galleries Lafayettes Gallery and Roland Garros. I will never dare complain about Paris; meaning the city. It has so much to offer, all you need to do is grab the opportunities!

A RDV with my hubby to attend Igor Stravinsky's "Le Sacre du Printemps" sounded like an exciting idea last night. We sat through the first half where I had to admonish Expat husband twice to put away his blackberry during the performance, a clear sign of his level of interest. Admittedly the performance was unusual. Even I who usually find some sort of novelty inquisitiveness was at a loss. Plain weird. Sorry, Igor.

So we slipped out during the break feeling like to teenagers skipping school and headed to the Grand Palais where the most impressive plant exhibition was celebrating its opening night. Clearly the highlight of the evening was one of the sponsor's stand showing off a magnificent decor adored by mobs of beautiful people. Ah Paris, je t'adore!

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