May 31, 2014

When home is in three different places...

It is the eternal dilemma.....when home is in two different places. I say two, but it might turn into three soon, if I'm not careful. Paris is starting to grow on me. The entire family is starting to feel settled in the city of lights. Tomorrow offically marks the three year period since Expat hubby started his new job.

Theoretically we were suppose to move on around about now... but ... as life goes... we are still in Paris and will be here indefinately it seems.

This is good and bad.

Good, because it makes my family logistics so much easier. We can hop on a plane to Madrid, we call our second home. We can hop in the car and drive to our third home, Switzerland. Our respective families live up North and down South but we can still reach them within half a day's travel. We speak the language and last but not least... we have gotten used to the Parisians and their attitude! If I am totally honest, we might have taken a bit on ourselves?! But only in order to survive, I promise. It is no surprise, therefore, that we notice how terribly friendly people are, when we travel back to Spain or Switzerland. But all in all, Paris now DOES feel a lot better that it has in the past, if you get my drift!?!

On the negative side, when am I ever going to do my trail blazing again? I am not too old to learn a new language, I'll even learn a new alphabet if I have to. I'll eat weird food and I'll even learn how to cook it. I will barter and banter with the locals studying their body language. I`ll make sure the kids get to school on time, despite the traffic even if I have to drive on the wrong side of the road! And I promise I will find tasty Italian pasta to cook for my hubby, no matter where we land. Just give me that one last opportunity. An exotic, challenging expatriation!

Otherwise, I feel I could get too comfortable in wonderful Paris and I might not want to leave anymore!!!!

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