June 5, 2014

She is wearing PiNK!

Boy, do I have something to blog about today. I am no real monarchist but I did get excited to the point of getting goose bumps.

I saw THE Queen.

She was wearing PiNk!

It all happened in front of my doorstep.

Now, this doesn't happen every day!!! But let me start at the beginning...

While waiting to pick up Expat boy at school (he is momentarliy on crutches) I was listening to the build-up for the Queen's arrival in Paris to celebrate 70 years since D-Day on the local radio. They announced the roads in the center were about to be closed due to her visit. And here I was, sitting in my car, wondering how on earth I was going to make it back to our flat.

Sure enough, twenty minutes later - with son in toe - we were stopped at the beginning of our avenue just to be told we could not pass. Never the one to take no for an answer, and by now, used to French diplomacy, I flicked out my pink (!) French driver's licence stating my address. "Hmm, I didn't receive any instruction for this case" says the Gendarme. " Well, good! Let ME give you some!" was my response. Five minutes later we were at home.

By now, my curiosity had been peaked. I leaned out the window to get a glimps of the Arche de Triomphe. Impossible to see anything between the trees. Armed with my handbag and i-phone, I popped downstairs towards the second barricade of Gendarmes at the end of the avenue. This time none of my negotiation skills paid off and I stretched to get a better view of the arch in front of me. THAT's when I spotted her getting out of her Rolls Royce. Ohh, I'm getting goose bumps again...

I could hear the British anthem being played followed by the French one and I felt lucky to witness such a historical moment.

Queen Elizabeth II is living history. She is one of the very few at the ceremony who is actually old enough to remember the event in 1944! Now, that says it all. She also arrived by train rather than taking a private jet. That's impressive at 88 years old, if you ask me.

Oh, and most importantly, she is wearing an exquisite outfit with the matching hat:

She is pretty in PiNK!

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