June 17, 2014

World Cup fever: rooting for our country

It is bad enough when they ask you what country you come from, now we have to decide which country to root for!

This is when I envy my neighbours - the ONLY moment, trust me! Their life is simple even though they are expats. I would not dare compare myself with a local, THAT is a whole different ball game I will write about another time.

Our neighbours' kids were born in one country, both their parents come from that country and that country is their home, fair and square! It makes things so much easier when you're watching the World Cup.

Yes, we have been caught by the fever. How could we not? Between my Italian hubby and my Argentinean son ... et voilà ... our first dilemma: which team are we to support? A tough choice for any football connoisseur.

By now we are close to a political melt-down in our household. We have hung a tiny Swiss flag out of our balcony (courtesy of Credit Suisse!). Yes, my heart is with Switzerland. Expat husband has made clear he is not having an Argentinean flag hanging out of the window since we live amongst various South American embassies and we don't want to provoke any undesired reactions!

We could hang out the Spanish flag since all four of us left a piece of our heart in Madrid and are Real Madrid supporters... hasta la muerte!

Wouldn't it be lovely if Brazil won the World Cup and we can all celebrate by dancing Samba late into the night? Because should the Brazilians win, the party is guaranteed to be the absolute best!

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