June 19, 2014

Time to go

A friend ask me today if I was all right. She said I looked sad. Oh dear, is it really written all over my face?

I try not to think about it too much, try to take one day at the time but by next week many of our family's friends will be leaving Paris. The beginning of summer with the long school holidays are suppose to be a festive occasion, instead, when you are an Expat it is a sweet&sour affair. You look forward to the holidays but you dread the moment you'll have to wave goodbye to your friends who are moving on.

The worst part is having to watch your kids say goodbye to their best friends. You just stand there watching them cry and there is not a thing you can do about it, except promise that you will visit them sometime soon.

We have completed our third year in Paris and most people whom arrived with us three years ago are leaving or have left already. There are only a handful of us remaining for round four, five, six or even longer!

I feel as if we had all been deployed together but that the troops are going back home now and I am left behind to hold the fort, without knowing for how long or if the others will ever be back.

Well my friends, I will be waving the "Welcome back" sign when you return to visit Paris with a big smile on my face! But it just won't be the same anymore.

Good luck and Bon voyage to all of you!

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