August 25, 2014

A piece of Paradise

The time has come to say farewell. A most beautiful holiday has come to an end. For a while we felt like Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan lost in the Cyclades. With kids!

Driving across dirt roads with a hired beaten-up Fiat to reach pristine sandy beaches, sailing upon crystal clear waters, discovering abandoned bays where we avoided stepping on sea urchins, reaching little uninhabited islands covered with salt incrusted rocks, each and every day was a new adventure.

We spotted a pick-up truck loaded with goats trying their best not to fall out at every curve. We dined on long white wooden tables with checkered tableclothes and dug into the most delicious Mediterranean dishes. And lots of wine to go with it, of course!

The toughest decision of the day was which flavour ice-cream to choose!

We wondered through the Mykonos' villages of white-washed stone houses with bright blue shutters glaring over the sea like big blue eyes. We learned about the stories of the Gods such as Apollo's birthplace on the island of Delos and the history of Andros' mariners in eras long gone.

We lost ourselves watching the most spectacular of Greek sunsets time and time again.

We met many, many friendly Greeks, not that we understood a word they were saying but every single one greeted us with a smile and made the effort to somehow communicate with us.

We picked up a few words of Greek here and there and kept on using the same words over and over again, but it was more than enough to break the ice.

They say Greece is part of the European Union, personally I feel it as far removed from Europe as can be, starting with their alphabet which is in Cyrillic. To us, rather than a piece of Europe, it felt like a corner of Paradise.

Antío, efcharisto and Θα μου λείψεις!

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