August 19, 2014

One sleepless night is all it takes...

It all started with a sleepless night on Ferragosto. Most Southern European countries celebrate Assumption Day on August 15th, it is the most important summer holiday and the second most important holiday time after Christmas. 

In our loveley Mykonian hotel things got a bit out of hand when our entire floor ended up as the place hosting - what seemed to be - the hippest after-party from three in the morning until dawn.

Thanks to my lovely husband - who tends to snore - I have taken the habit of using earplugs, therefore sleeping like an angel all through the night. My hubby on the other hand was awake for most of it.

Rather grumpy, he complained the next morning stating that this was not the service he expected, adding a few other details that had been bugging him since our arrival.

He was promptly invited to join the director and owner for a drink to discuss matters.

Next thing we know, we are sitting around a candle lit table with a spectacular view over the Aegean sea and are enjoying the company of four Mykonians who are giving us all sorts of local tips. The director had invited us for dinner with some friends of his.

We spent hours talking about his family's project to renew the hotel for next year and he showed us mock-ups of the final result.

My contribution was the idea of adding a small Italian gelateria along the beach with proper home-made ice cream. I am convinced it would sell like hotcakes!

For the last two days we have been treated like royals and I am sad to leave this lovely island which has taken my heart by storm, mainly thanks to the extraordinary hospitality of its people.

But.... we'll be back... the hotel owner has very generously gifted us with a three complimentary-nights-stay voucher for next summer to experience the newly improved and modernized concept of Mykonian luxurious hospitality first hand.

ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΩ and see you next year!

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