August 13, 2014

Pronto? Ciao!

After three days in Mykonos, I have decided I really like this island. Who wouldn't, you are wondering? 

Well, apart from the factor that it is famous for its nude beaches (which I have yet to discover!) and that it is a holiday haven for homosexuals, it is also extremly laid-back and open-minded. Nobody stresses to get the sunshade in the first row or fights for the table over-looking the seashore, everybody just seems happy to kick back and enjoy the atmosphere with a drink at hand.

As far as tourists, there is no nationality dominating which I find immensely refreshing and entertaining. Mykonos seems to be a true multi-cultural melting pot.

The guessing game begins every morning as soon as we reach the beach: you can tell the Germans because they are already drinking beer, the English have the whitest skin, the Americans are easy to spot thanks to their type of swimsuits and they are all equppied with kindles rather than paperbacks. The French are complaining as usual and the Spaniards have brought along their food. Needless to say the Swiss are the most discreet. The Aussies are a bit more difficult to categorize but the accent gives it all away. The Greeks share a sunshade with the entire family, granny included and are the only ones who speak a language I have yet to master!

Then there are the Italians..... ahhhhh, the Italians!! The best-looking, tannest and most fashionistas of the beach without a doubt! 

It is just a pity they don't understand that not the whole beach wants to share their conversations with them nor their blaring music. Pronto, pronto.... why do I need to hear a baby crying in Napoli down the loadspeaker or worse a dog barking on facetime when I am relaxing on my deckchair enjoying the view of the Aegean Sea?

Ooops, did I just hear Expat girl telling her Daddy to put that mobile phone away? That's my girl!!!! 

Tutto OK.

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