August 30, 2014

My most wonderful day in the Cyclades

He took it as a personal challenge. He would try his hardest to convince me. He promised not to force me. I would be the one to call it a day.

A day on the boat, surrounded by family and friends.

I am a mountain girl (I grew up in Switzerland!) although in my mind I am a total beach bum... until it comes to stepping onto a boat.

I don't like boats. I find them constricting. Admittedly they let you explore the costal beauties but, honestly, I'd much rather take the car or even climb down a cliff to reach a deserted beach than sit in a boat.

I am now in the plane on my way back home from Greece contemplating which was my most memorable experience during my stunning Aegean vacation and I dare say it was the boat ride to the tiny uninhabited islands of Megalo in front of Andros.

The sea surface was flat as an eel, the Meltemi winds had disappeared into thin air (literally) and the Greek sun was pounding down on us. I could see straight through the crystal turquoise water down to the sandy ground 20 meters below me. I slid off the side of the boat, went for a swim with nothing around me but heavens above and water below and reached the tiniest of island. I carefully trod around sea urchins, stepped onto a miniature sandy beach and climbed onto the salt covered rocks.

All I was missing was a coconut!

A last exhilarating swim - with nothing but the Mediterranean and I - and we crossed the bay in search of lunch.

A small taverna on the shore protected by the shade of vine leaves was to be reached only by yet another short swim. We anchored the boat and dove in, holding on to our belongings in a waterproof bag.

No printed menu just a healthy looking local suggesting his daily dishes. A simple wooden table with wobbly chairs painted blue and home-made art hanging from the walls. A delicious meal and nothing but Greek clients all around.

After a mouth-watering lunch, we said good-bye to the ducks waddling along the pebbly beach and swam back to our boat.

Yet another stop - and a dip - in a deserted rocky bay with deep blue water and it was time to go home.

I still don't like boats, but with you - my Californian friend - I hope to share many more boat rides in the Aegean Sea.

Efharisto for a most wonderful day in the Cyclades!

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