August 10, 2014

A smile is all it takes

It's a tough life.. here in Mykonos!

Of course, the sunshine is real treat, not to mention the spectacular Mediterranean sea, crystal clear water at just the perfect temperature even for an early morning swim. The comfortable wooden deck chairs with properly lined cushions allowing for an exquist afternoon nap under the palmtree-leaved sunshade in the light afternoon breeze.

But what really makes this place such a pleasure are the people. Used to being treated like an intruder when timidly trying to get a waiter's attention in Paris, here I have been welcomed at the airport customs, at the port ticket sales counter, at the port restaurant (always a difficult one), at the taxi stand, at the hotel, at the beach, at the supermarket, at the rental company, you name it; I have always been greeted with a hearty Kalimera and a smile!

And now you tell me: why can't Parisians do the same?

The tourist resort of Mykonos is just as overrun by tourists in August as is Paris on Valentine's Day but somehow les parisiens are not able to get it by themselves to smile.

By the second day we are greeted like long lost cousins rather than clients which of course makes me feel like a princess. I am sure the chiringuito owner greeted every single women like a queen but this doesn't matter. He made us all feel great today. Every single lady has a smile on her face. Oh, I don't need to mention that he is gay, which makes him even more popular because we all know there is no fear he'll make any sort of wrong move.

So, excuse me if I leave you now, for it is time to order that end-of-the-day-on-the-beach cocktail (with enough alcohol in it to knock you out afterwards, luckily I am still lying on my deckchair facing the sea) brought to me by a stunning-looking, muscle-tuned and oh-so-beautifully tanned waiter with a big grin on his face.

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