December 10, 2014

A trip to Jordan

L'épouse de Son Excellence M. L'Ambassadeur à l'honneur de vous inviter à une Réception donnée le 4 Décembre prochains à l'Ambassade de Jordanie.

To me, this sounded terribly exotic. I have travelled the Middle East many years ago but I never visited Jordan. I do recall that the Jordanians were always a pleasure to work with, in the days of my former life. This was as close as I'll ever get to Jordan, at least for the time being.

The Jordanian Embassy was hosting and welcoming the International community to this event supporting women in small businesses and raising funds for the Save The Children charity in Jordan.

I was greeted by the Ambassador's wife with a warm welcome and a big smile. She was wearing the most magnificent purple coloured traditional dress with a delicately embroidered flower motif. Many of the ladies present that morning were from other Embassies and I was guessing which country each of them could possibly originate from. I was introduced to some and smiled at others wondering if I should approach them by speaking English or French.

If ever I were to learn another language it would definitely be Arabic. I have had a faible for this language ever since college. I am told it is an extraordinarily romantic and poetic language, very rich in vocabulary. As-salamu alaykum and Esmee (My name is) Ingrid was as far as I got.

Here is a little photographic tour of the Jordanian handcrafts and delicacies I encountered.

One day, I will travel to Jordan!

Hussein bin Talal, King of Jordan from 1952 to 1999

Exquisite Jordanian handcraft 

Authentic Jordanian tea set for sale

Being served a delicious coffee flavoured
with local spices I started with the sweets...

... and devoured the savoury dishes after.

Jordanian cumin

My kind of Leitmotif

The Jordanian Embassy decked out for the occasion

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