December 3, 2014

What were they thinking?

What was the management of Galleries Lafayette thinking when they approved this years' Christmas window display? Admittedly, it is a matter of taste, but seriously it is a quantum leap to go from French luxury to fuzzy monsters, even if they ARE pink!

Every year the competition is on between Paris' two biggest department stores located side by side behind the Opera House. Every year during November the Christmas window displays are inaugurated with lots of pomp and a celebrity cutting the red ribbon to initiate Paris' holiday shopping season. Jerry Hall did the honours for the Galleries Lafayette this year.

Monster Gustave and his gang are working the scenes to concoct a more unusual Christmas: the roguish gang has taken over the animated window displays and are popping up around the floors, performing hysterical impromptu mini-shows! That's the idea behind the vision anyway.

The kids think its funny but even they tire of watching the repeating mechanical movements, whereas the electrical train laden with shoes and handbags disappearing into a tunnel or through a handbag-shaped tunnel in the Printemps window next door grabs their attention to no end.

With "A Magical Christmas Journey", Burberry's holiday windows at Printemps department store tell the tale of a little boy and his teddy bear's windblown journey from the Burberry flagship store in London all the way to Printemps in Paris. And even though I might not understand why the Eiffel Tower is standing on its head in one of the windows, it sure beats Galleries Lafayette's collapsing monster Christmas tree.

Curtain Call for Galleries Lafayette's monsters

Not sure what this has to do with Christmas?

Still wondering about the link to Christmas

At least this one is pink! 

Valentino to the right

Christian Dior to the left

The back entrance of the Opera House in between

Printemps' Burberry themed X-mas decoration 

Travelling from Big Ben in London

... via the Swiss Alps ...

... with a special cargo ...

... and important VIPs ...

... and personal bodyguards ...

... all the way to Paris!

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