December 11, 2014

Stars for sale

Today, I felt like touching the stars. I took myself off to the 2nd arrondissement in search of shining stars. I went alone, I wanted to see them up close, touch them. I was looking for a gift for my husband.

I followed the call of a merchant of retro signs who was organising a garage sale in his Parisian loft.

Imagine a vintage walk amongst hundreds of stars and letters, each one with a history they could not tell me about. Each one having watched over a café, a bar, a restaurant, or some other small business enticing guests to taste their goods. All sizes - made of wood or metal - with or without lights. Small ones to hang on my Christmas tree, medium ones to align on my fireplace, and big ones to hang above my bed.

Stepping into vintage territory

Expat Girl would LOVE this

Letters and stars everywhere you turn

This might be a touch too patriotic

Do I need a pink S?

An e would do fine

Now that I found the letter, what font do I choose? Which colour? 

Gigantic E with mini-stars

More stars and letters

For 200.- Euros this piece of art is yours

All it took was a walk into the back courtyard... 

... and a climb up the stairs!

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