February 24, 2015

Mia's heritage

Rougemont is as close to home as I can be. It is not my hometown but the family, the memories and the emotions that tie me to this mountain village are just as strong.

In 1970 my best friend's grandmother Mia built a chalet to allow her family to reunite and to be able to enjoy her children's and grandchildren's good company during the holidays. It was a place to gather not only for the family but also for their immediate circle of friends of which I was lucky enough to be a part of.

We were four years old when we met in in a Swiss German Kindergarten which we both hated. Our mums were both Brits living in Zurich and quickly became friends... and therefore so did we. Today we are more like sisters, very different in character but our long year friendship and personal history link us forever.

We learnt how to ski in these mountains, we hiked across many of these hills, we retreated to the green pastures during the summer and spent some wild winter holidays as teenagers. We came back religiously every year as kids and adolescents with our parents and later on - starting off in our careers and becoming independent - we drove up with our gang of friends to spend weekends in this cosy but spacious chalet full of family mementos.

My best friend got married in Rougemont while I held my biggest work seminar ever that same month in the neighbouring village.

We eventually came up to Mia's home with our respective husbands. We brought our babies, whom later on in turn learnt how to ski on the same slopes we did so many years ago. They have started making their memories and this fills my friend and I with immense gratification.

They too feel at home here, no matter where in the world life will take them... and hopefully one day, they will bring their families back "home" to Rougemont were Mia will still be sitting in her white chair on the dark wooden balcony watching us... even if "only" in spirit!

A little village called Rougemont...

... famous for it's "decoupage"

Our art work is still hanging in one of the bedrooms after 40 years!

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