February 28, 2015

Feeling terribly homesick

I'm sitting here back at my desk in Paris thinking: "I'd rather be skiing!" I am suffering of a severe case of homesickness. It is during the winter months that I miss Switzerland the most. I walk the grey avenues of Paris in January sometimes thinking that I can smell snow in the air but unfortunately when it finally does fall it only lasts half a day in the city.

48 hours ago I was standing on the top of the world "literally" overlooking the snowy caps of the Swiss Alps glistening in the sunshine. I was surrounded by a perfectly blue sky and breathing crisp, fresh air while hearing nothing but the snow crunch below my skis. A burst of happiness in the form of a joddle - yes, I DO joddle but only when I ski - I am in absolute paradise!

Slaloming down the mountain, carving across the hill or just standing still taking in the beauty of the nature around me, I feel lucky to have grown up in such a lovely part of the world to which I religiously return every winter to pass on this tradition and this experience to my kids.

Ski Heil - two planks that mean the world!

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