March 4, 2015

If I cannot be skiing , I'd rather eat chocolate ... Swiss chocolate!

Five days back in Paris and I am still feeling homesick. Those few days of skiing just didn't do the job. I feel like I started a box of chocolates but didn't get to finish them.

Every year, it seems like preparing for an expedition to the North Pole when we mount the roof rack on the car, excavate the skis from the cellar, heave up bags full of ski boots and helmets from the basement across the courtyard and to the garage, although we are lucky to have a garage by Parisian standards! We squeeze the ski suits into suitcases that then hardly leave space to pack our toothbrushes and somehow need to fit into the boot of the car.

I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled the kids are, to trek all across France by car. However, this allows us to pack our Export shopping on the way back. One afternoon after skiing we make an event of going to the Coop (the local supermarket) - I never thought that would happen - where each family member gets a shopping basket and can fill it up with everything he or she would like to take home.

From Swiss honey, to Knorr's broth, a German keyboard for my Mac or an ironing board cover with weird dimensions, not to mention the ointments and Swiss natural remedies and here's the rest:

What comfort foods to do export back to where you live?

1'587 km: there is no limit of how far I will go for a box of Swiss chocolate!

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