March 10, 2015

An Art Deco fashion show

What do you do when a girlfriend from Switzerland comes to visit you during Paris' Fashion week? You ask your hubby to organize a pair of invitations to a fashion show, of course!

That's how we ended up in prime position at John Galliano's Fall/Winter collection show. Monsieur Galliano might no longer be part of the Fashion House but the current designer certainly did a fantastic job. Bill Gaytten explored the motifs of Art Deco combining opulence with sensible flat boots. Parkas were given a make-over, curving gently below the buttocks, and looked fit for an upscale night out. Despite the abundance of prints, many of the pieces achieved a straightforward simplicity.

Compared to the Galliano show I attended three years ago, this collection was much more compelling and definately anchored in our times, even everyday Parisian I dare say.

The atmosphere was upbeat despite being in the basement of the Palais de Tokyo but then again the Palais de Tokyo has become the in-place to hang around these days. Just make sure you don't take your sunglasses off, it could ruin your image!

My personal invitation

A row of VIPs

Starlettes in the spotlight

Real VIPs at an arm's reach

Cool reflections

A professional photographer's picture
who obviously had a prime position

Another professional photo 
to render proper homage to the dress


  1. An electrifying experience, seeing the movement behind the fashion show. You were really lucky to have this chance!

  2. It is a real treat and I am well aware of it! ;)


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