March 15, 2015

A young, innovative Dutch vibe

There is always a special buzz in town during fashion week. You can tell by the "beautifool people" - as the French call them - running around as well as by the huge white or black marquises being set up in various historic locations to host the famous brands' shows.

Then, there is a whole different current vibrating along side the VIP events. A bustle of creativity that supports Paris' reputation as the capital of fashion. Unknown, independent, young designers who are trying to make a name for themselves and somehow manage to stage shows with very little budget. The means might be meagre but the creativity, the will to succeed and to be different from anybody else on the market is tremendous.

It is that creative vibe that I like to follow and which will sometimes take me off the beaten track. The path led me to the Atelier Néerlandais which was staging a show of very experimental young fashion designers who graduated from the same academy as Victor & Rolf.

It sounded like fun so I decided to discover the talents of the four Dutch artisanal designers who had joined forces to showcase their Autumn/Winter 15/16 collection of clothing, textiles, jewellery and bags. Their interpretation was definitely unique although not particularly to my personal taste but then again that would be too conservative. These artist focused on creativity and innovation. Haesung Bong, Anja Dragan, Sunanda Koning and Chrissie Houtkooper definitely held everybody's attention during their 15 minutes of Parisian claim to fame.

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