March 8, 2015

Just a regular morning run...

On my quest to whip my body back into shape after a week in Switzerland eating my way through fondue, raclette, bratwurst, rœsti, vermicelles and chocolate in all it's variations, I have returned to my former running trail through the Bois de Bologne today.

It was so easy when I use to drop off my daughter at Primary school and could just carry on down the road and into Paris' second-largest park created between 1852 and 1858 during the reign of the Emperor Louis Napoleon.

Expat Girl has now moved on to Secondary and I have lost my routine. With the sun shining and the temperatures rising I asked a friend for a ride to Primary school to start my run from there on this beautiful day.

It was a welcome change to have a chat with the parents who were all dropping their kids off at Primary. This tradition gets lost as the kids grow up, naturally. It was fun to see many familiar faces, it was lovely to catch up with some mums I hadn’t seen in a long time, to see how much the newborn, I had seen a few months ago when I last passed by Primary School, had grown and resembled her sisters now. Smiles and hugs made me feel right at home again.

My run through the park turned out to be more energizing than expected and the sunshine was the icing on the cake. However, by the time I got started my friends the pompiers had already finished their rounds. Next time boys!

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