September 14, 2016

French cuisine in a flash

Thank Goodness for foodie friends and French cuisine.

When meeting up with girlfriends for lunch there are two ways to enjoy each others company. You either choose a lovely Parisian terrace and soak up the last rays of summer sun while gossiping with your BBFs OR you strap on an apron and start cooking all together attending a 60 minute cook and lunch workshop.

Giggles and surprises are guaranteed. Who knew my friend could chop an onion in 30 seconds flat? Or that - many years ago in a different life - the Dutch friend I brought along lived in the same road as the Dutch friend's sister that my Spanish friend invited and became buddies?!?

L'Atelier des Chefs allows each guest to handle a knife (and a sharp one it is!) as well as quality ingredients. You learn to prepare the recipe by listening to the chefs instructions, simple, fast and tasty!

25 minutes into the class we had prepared a Curry d'agneau minute aux fruit et semoule à la mangue which we then proceeded to devour with a glass of succulent red wine sitting around a long, high wooden table allowing for camaraderie amongst all the participants.

My family doesn't know it yet but I have just added a dash of "savoir-faire" to my culinary repertoire and they'll have the pleasure of a new delicious dish added to their panoply of dinner menus.

Bon Appétit!

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